GPU Profling for AI

Presented at the December 2021 Montréal-Python meetup.

Python Profiling Starter Kit

Presented at the March 2021 Montréal-Python meetup.

Speed Up Your AI Code

Webinar (60 minutes) presented in November 2020 while at Element AI. How to speed up a PyTorch deep learning model, using N-BEATS as an example. Covers both Python and PyTorch GPU profiling.

  • Slides
  • Video (requires free BrightTalk account)
  • Blog post (includes extensive checklist & list of takeaways)

Tools to Get Started with Machine Learning / AI

Main talk at the June 2018 Data Science | Design | Technology meetup. The title of that meetup was: “AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning: Stop talking and start acting!”.

Pandas and Scikit-learn: Secret Best Friends

Presented at PyCon Canada 2017.